The Divine Name in Norway

Loppa church

Loppa church has been made into a museum. There you can find the following picture with the tetragrammaton.

Elverum church

In the curch of Elverum you can see the tetragrammaton at the top of the altarpiece.

Skjee Church

In Skjee Church in Stokke you can see the Tetragrammaton on top of the altarpiece.

Stiklestad Church

It seems like the Tetragrammaton can be seen in two paintings in this church, one painting illustrating Adam in paradise, and one illustrating Noah.

Kvamsøy Church

We don’t know exactly when Kvamsøy Church was built. But it was probably built between year 1280 and 1300. The altarpiece is from year 1716 and...

Church of Dønnes

The church of Dønnes is situated on the island of Dønna, in the county of Nordland. In one of the paintings you can see God’s name...